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  • How big are your tents?
    We have three sizes available 4, 5 and 6 meter bell tents. Your chosen location needs to be the size of the tent plus 2 additional meters to ensure our guide ropes are secure
  • Do the tents come with Aircon?
    Short answer no! We do not supply fans or airconditioning to our tents. The tents are made from canvas which is a breathable material with windows fitted with mosquito netting. The shape of the tent also allows for maximum airflow as far as a tent goes. We offer a mobile service where we bring accommodation to you and there really is a limit to how much we can fit in a truck.
  • Do you provide catering?
    No but we know some amazing people who do! So get in touch if you need some reccommendations of people we love to work with who can supply AMAZING food!
  • Are the tents waterproof?
    They sure are! We make sure they will keep you cosy and dry by reapplying new waterproofer as well! But remember to shut your doors and windows if it's raining!
  • Are the tents suitable for families?
    YES! Our 6 meter tent is highly recommended, it allows for a queen bed for the adult and singles for the kids with room to move!
  • How many tents can I book?
    We are growing our fleet and will have more then 40 tents soon! Please get in contact to discuss your needs
  • Can I book one tent?
    Of course! Please note though it may not always be possible to logistically fit you in around our large bookings. It's also not as cheap to book just one or two tents as there is alot of time spent driving to your location and packing your items
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